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Help send the children of JAFCO Back to School with all the tools they need for success, one summer at a time.
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JAFCO Children’s Village programs touch the lives of children who have experienced abuse or neglect.
The JAFCO Children’s Village campus provides an actual home to over 100 children each year in our emergency shelter or group homes, and is the only center of its kind in the Jewish community in the nation. Another 700 children each year find safety in either our foster care, adoption or family preservation programs.

Children's Village

JAFCO Children’s Ability Center provides family enrichment, resources, and respite to families raising a child with a developmental disability.
The center is open seven days a week to provide support to over 500 children a year starting on the day of diagnosis up to age 22. We are there to support the entire family including parents, grandparents and typical siblings.

Children’s Ability Center

a venue with a cause.
Our beautiful, new, unique event center helps change the world with every event by providing employment for young adults with autism and by generating revenue to help support JAFCO’s children and our lifesaving programs.

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Our Mission

JAFCO’s mission is to provide care, safety, and support to children and their families within the Jewish community and beyond who are impacted by abuse, neglect, trauma, or developmental disabilities…giving every child a place to belong.

JAFCO Children's Village

JAFCO Children's Ability Center

Eagles' Haven Wellness Center

JAFCO FamilyMatters

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Jennifer L.

I am so glad that I spoke to you that day that I was unraveling and that you reminded and nudged me to come to the support groups. This was my third time today on the support call and I just love it. I feel so good once I’m done with the call and I just love listening to the advice that you give. I put this in my calendar each week now and view this is a one-hour gift I am giving myself for the week 🙂
Jennifer L.

Midge R.

“I joined the support group about 2 years ago when I felt like I was drowning. I keep coming back even when my life feels balanced because I want to support other parents like I was supported when I needed it.”

— Midge R.

Solomon M

“When my family was in crisis, someone told me about JAFCO. I was apprehensive at first because I never heard of them and I have a hard time trusting people. Now, over a year later, they are still working with us and have been a vital part of us surviving this crisis. They have gone to court with me, helped me in the house and are available to just talk. They even brought the kids Hanukkah gifts. They have been amazing and a lifesaver to us.”

— Solomon M., 
Philadelphia, PA

Martin Silver

“The most heartwarming part of giving to JAFCO is that we see firsthand how we, and all the donors, truly make a difference. It’s amazing to see the children grow up to be strong, productive, wonderful people despite their most difficult of beginnings and circumstances.”

— Martin Silver, 
Boca Raton, FL

Amy Sylvetsky

“After my tour with Randi and my meeting with Executive Director Sarah Franco, I was on the phone with my husband Barry and saying OMG, this place is beyond incredible. Barry and I always had an interest in charities, particularly where children are involved, but JAFCO is in another league. After learning about JAFCO’s mission, how could I not want to spread the word and give my time and financial support?”

­   — Amy Sylvetsky, 
Newton, MA

Rabbi Amy Rader

“I’ve known families through the years who have adopted children through JAFCO. We have also watched how JAFCO has expanded beyond their initial foster care and adoption mission to include children with developmental disabilities and now addresses the trauma that comes with mass shootings at their Eagles’ Haven site. We are so proud that our community has supported this organization that truly responds to the needs of families in a way that other agencies cannot.”

 ­— Rabbi Amy Rader, 
Boca Raton, FL