Respite and Community Engagement Services

Many parents and caregivers of children with developmental disabilities report feelings of isolation so the Ability Center offers fun programs for parents including Parent Evening Out, Moms Retreats and Family Fun day.

We provide babysitting for all of these programs while you are meeting other parents who truly understand the challenges you face on a daily basis. Individualized childcare hours are always available for date nights as well.

All parents need time to relax and renew and the Ability Center offers amazing fun programming for your child while you get time alone. To begin, your child will have fun with us for a few hours up to a full day. Once they are comfortable (and you are too) why not consider allowing them to have a sleepover with their friends at the Ability Center. We offer every family up to two weeks of respite per year to allow parents to take some focused time for themselves, spend time with their spouse or partner, with friends or with their typical children. Respite is offered for any days off from school, all year long. If you have an emergency, we are also here to help.

For more information please contact Director of Community Engagement Devin Butler at (954) 315-8681 or [email protected].