Amy Sylvetsky

“After my tour with Randi and my meeting with Executive Director Sarah Franco, I was on the phone with my husband Barry and saying OMG, this place is beyond incredible. Barry and I always had an interest in charities, particularly where children are involved, but JAFCO is in another league. After learning about JAFCO’s mission, how could I not want to spread the word and give my time and financial support?”

­   — Amy Sylvetsky, 
Newton, MA

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Jennifer L.

“I am so glad that I spoke to you that day that I was unraveling and that you reminded and nudged me to come to the support groups. This was my third time today on the support call and I just love it. I feel so good once I'm done with the call and I just love...

Midge R.

“I joined the support group about 2 years ago when I felt like I was drowning. I keep coming back even when my life feels balanced because I want to support other parents like I was supported when I needed it.” — Midge R.

Solomon M

“When my family was in crisis, someone told me about JAFCO. I was apprehensive at first because I never heard of them and I have a hard time trusting people. Now, over a year later, they are still working with us and have been a vital part of us surviving this crisis....