Independent Living

All of the children residing within the group homes are prepared for eventual independent living.

The JAFCO Independent Living Program is designed to help children living in our Group Home Program (ages 13 – 21) learn the necessary skills to eventually live on their own either in a college dorm or in an apartment.

The Program begins with an individualized Independent Living Case Plan for each child, based upon their strengths and tailored to meet their individual needs. Each child has their own Life Coach to provide them with support, encouragement and strategies that will help them to be able to eventually function successfully in the real world.

Additional services provided to the children include individual therapy, group therapy, tutoring and daily homework assistance, life skills classes and training, college applications and scholarships, job seeking skills and procurement, driver’s education and assistance with transportation, financial assistance and recreation/socialization opportunities. The children may reside at the JAFCO Village until the age of 21 or may choose to live on their own or in a college dorm at the age of 18 with JAFCO’s support. All children in the program must make a commitment to attend school and work at least part time, actively participate in therapy and be drug and alcohol free and can receive assistance from JAFCO until the age of 24 or until they graduate from college.

For more information about our programs and services, please contact JAFCO Clinical Director Shea Pucci, LMFT at [email protected] or 954-315-8683.