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JAFCO is a big, loving family of volunteers, foster and adoptive families, parents, professional staff, trustees, corporate donors, foundations and individual donors. As a capital donor, your name will forever be a part of our children’s lives.

Our Capital Campaign currently stands at $21 million including cash, land and bequests. Another $12 million in pledges is needed to complete the campaign. We need the support of the entire community to give every child a place to belong.

For more information about how you can join our Capital Campaign, contact Janet Epstein, Philanthropy Director at 954.315.86.96 or [email protected].

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The Shirley and Barton Weisman & Family Event Center Capital Naming Opportunities

Ballroom (Named) $1,000,000
Children’s Welcome Lobby (Named) $500,000
Ballroom Catering Kitchen $500,000
Meeting Ballroom Two $500,000
Meeting Ballroom One (Named) $360,000
Meeting Ballroom Three (Named) $360,000
Reception Bar (Named) $108,000
Event Center Sound & Lighting Zone $108,000
Backstage Wing (Named) $108,000
Backstage Dressing & Greenroom (Named) $108,000
Ballroom Furnishing $72,000
Ballroom Bar (Named) $54,000
Back of the House (Named) $54,000
Celebrity VIP Lounge (Named) $36,000
Back Stage Makeup Bar (Named) $36,000
Magic Oven $36,000
Ice Cream Machine (Named) $36,000
Illuminate Art (Named) $36,000
Illuminate Art II (Named) $36,000
Illuminate Art Sign (Named) $36,000
Illuminate Video Wall (Named) $36,000
Soda Machine $36,000

The JAFCO Children’s Ability Center Capital Naming Opportunities

2nd Floor Parent Wing $540,000
Children’s Therapy Wing $540,000
Research & Training Wing $540,000
Hurricane Generator Power Zone $360,000
Creative Arts Studio $252,000
Lodge Vista Drive $252,000
Clinical Staff Think Tank $108,000
Parent Lounge & Art Studio Overlook Balcony $108,000
Parent Lounge & Speech Therapy Overlook Balcony & Therapy Room $108,000
Clinical Therapy Environment $72,000
Parent Observation Gym Overlook $54,000
Confidential Records Room $36,000
Guest House Bedroom (8) $36,000
Guest House Laundry Room (2) $36,000
Guest House Staff Office/Nurses Station $36,000
Ability Center IT Headquarters $36,000
Staff Work Stations (6) $36,000
Playground Chin-Up Bar $36,000
Playground Epi-Center $36,000
Playground Whirl & Twirl Spinning Bowls $36,000
Playground Arch Swing $36,000
Playground Saucer Swing $36,000
Playground Play Gym $36,000
Water Bottle Filling Station $36,000
General Store Supply Room $36,000

The JAFCO Jewish Children’s Village Capital Naming Opportunities

Staff Administrative Wing $250,000
Group Home Renovations (5) $250,000
Welcome Desk $100,000
Kitchens in Group Home Renovations (6) $54,000
Bedrooms Renovations (42) $36,000
Dining Rooms Renovations (7) $36,000
Living Rooms renovations (7) $36,000
Laundry Room renovations (7) $36,000
Shelter Pantry $36,000
Print & Ship Center $36,000
Staff Lounge (Named) $36,000

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JAFCO Capital Campaign Donors

$4,000,000 & ABOVE
Joan & Leslie Berman

$1,000,000 – $2,999,999
Samuel & Adele Borger Campus
Stephen & Helene Weicholz Children’s Lodge
David Posnack Jewish Children’s Center
Kaminoff Children’s Center
Sandi & Bob Morris Guest House
Jewish Federation of Broward County & The Daniel Cantor Senior Center
Sandi & Leonard Solomon Grand Ballroom
State of Florida
Shirley & Barton Weisman & Family Event Center
Jerry Lindzon Guest House
Sandi & Lenny Solomon Grand Ballroom
Randall E. Waltuch Children’s Welcome Lobby

$150,000 – $999,999
Irving & Cherna Moskowitz Holy Ark
The Luis DE Torres Bahamas Synagogue/Anthony Chaim Gee/Nat Bernstein
Jonathan E. Cohen Wellness Center by Myra & Barry Cohen
Hahn Family Foundation Computer Wiz Lab
Al & Jo Levine Lodge Reception Zone
Maurice D. & Margie Plough Main Gate Entry Circle
Rachel A. Sapoznik & Family Lodge General Store
Bernice & Edward Wenger Professional Zone
Ron & Deni Simon Marketing & Development Zone
Shirley & Barton Weisman Conference Room
Aunt Rita Carole Welcome Lounge
Bernard W. Gimbel Meeting Ballroom One
Joan & Leslie Berman Splash Zone Playground
Joan & Leslie Berman Fitness & Fun Gym
Harry L. & Eleanor Schick Reception Lobby
David Posnack Meeting Ballroom Three
Ethel & David Sommer Daily Life Skills Laboratory
The Rader Family Courtyard

$54,000 – $149,999
Lilyan Berkowitz Lodge Care Office
Irving Eckhardt Parent Resource Library
The Rutner Family Picnic & BBQ Area
Barry & Myra Cohen Parent Cafe Kitchen
Claire & Gerald Manowitz Ceramic Arts Studio
The Sandler Family Sculpture Garden
Rita Carole Messner Serenity Elevator
Dave & Ethel Sommer Intergenerational Bridge
Gary Zimmerman Play & Party Room
Ralph & Anita Byer Music & Drama Studio
Richard Ross/Frances Davis Classroom
Daniel & Judy Dobin Doctor’s Office
Faye Holand Bronze Sculpture Garden
Perry & Tami Isenberg Play Therapy Room
Lenore Kittman Estate
Al & Jo Levine Vegetable Garden Gazebo
Judy Levis Markhoff ABA Therapy Room
James & Andrea Orleans Speech Therapy Environment
Jules Reich Children’s Village Organic Vegetable Garden
D. Jerry Sall Estate Clinical Director’s Intake Office
Helen & Saul Schwartz
Marlene & Martin Silver Bronze Children’s Sculpture
Ed & Wendy Sternlieb Basketball Court
Betsy & Sidney Savelle Bronze Children’s Sculpture
Amy & Barry Sylvetsky Parent Fitness Area
Amy & Barry Sylvetsky Backstage Wing
Marilyn & Jay Weinberg Bronze Children’s Sculpture
Bernice & Ed Wenger Reception Bar
Dorothy & Morris Small Therapy Room
Norlyn & Edward Poto Ballroom Bar
Susan S. & Mark Auerbach Backstage Dressing & Greenroom

$36,000 – $53,999
Richard Allen & Louise Jacowitz Allen Guest House Kitchen
Martha & Melvin Aronson Guest House Bedroom
M. Blume Staff Office
Ellen & Donald Brounstein Britto Blue Dog Sculpture
Sam & Phyllis Butters Vegetable Garden
Sara Chait Memorial Foundation Guest House Bedroom
Abe & Annie David Program Director’s Office
Yetta Ellman & Dr. Arnold & Susan Zweig Guest House Screened Patio
Richard & Susan Finkelstein Pet Therapy Room
Ken Fisher Life Skills Pantry
Florida’s Voice on Developmental Disabilities Butterfly Garden
Diane S. Friedman Britto Garden Butterfly Sculpture
Mazie Golin Ford Butterfly Garden
Dorinne & Jeffrey Gerstin Staff Office
Mary & Dr. Gerry Glass Guest House Bedroom
Mara & Dr. Mel Gober Clinical Director’s Office
Lori & Dr. Lewis Gold Sensory & Relaxation Programming
Dotty & Jim Goodman Life Skills Teaching Laundry Room
Linda & Lee Hertz Butterfly Garden
Margery & Stephen Greenspan/ Dorothy & Lester Lichtenstein Guest House Bedroom
Diana & Steven Kauppinen Britto For Your Heart Sculpture
Ursula & Leonard Hess Guest House Living Room
Hirsch/Wosoloff Family Foundations Britto Squeaki Cat Sculpture
Leslie & Kimberly Kaminoff Butterfly Garden
Carol & Edward Kaplan, The Kaplan Foundation Fund Guest House Bedroom
Edwin Kaplan Guest House Living Room
Linda F. Kaplan Butterfly Garden
Rochelle & Gary Katz Guest House Bedroom
Nancy & Alfred J. Katzin Hummingbird Garden
Stephen & Lois Kaufman Guest House Bedroom
Kessner, Greenfield, Field & Kessner Staff/Office Nurses Station
Lori & Dr. Kenneth Konsker Guest House Bedroom
The Krass & Ellenbogen Guest House Kitchen
Julius & Helen Lipitz Butterfly Garden
Judy Levis Markhoff Wheelchair Swing
Rita Messner Britto Boomfish Sculpture
Rita Carole Messner Guest House Screened Patio
Tamara & Rich Morgenstern Guest House Bedroom
Matthew & Hilary Rosenthal Life Skills Teaching Office Area
The Ross Family Guest House Bedroom
Hummingbird Garden in Honor of Irving Ross
Lenore Rothman Hummingbird Garden
Joseph & Frances Russo Guest House Kitchen
Stuart & Shelly Sherman Guest House Bedroom
Arthur & Shirley Siegel Guest House Bedroom
Charles & Sandi Simon Hummingbird Garden
Nancy & Stanley Singer Playground Oval Swing
David & Ethel Sommer Guest House Laundry Room
David & Ethel Sommer Hummingbird Garden
Jayne & Marvin Suskin Guest House Staff Office/Nurses Station
Fayette Toren Guest House Screened Patio
Valencia Cove Community “Help JAC” Playground Tetherball Court
Wolf & Rywka Taykan Staff Relaxation Room
Naomi & Sheldon Zimbler Life Skills Teaching Kitchen
Rachel & Dr. Paul Zimmerman Guest House Bedroom
Marilyn & Jay Weinberg Bronze Children’s Sculpture
Alex Goffin & Ben Goffin Ice Cream Machine
Jayne & Marvin Suskin Illuminate Art
Marcia & Jeff Langley Illuminate Video Wall
Brenda & Larry Robinson Illuminate Art Sign
Judge Aaron B. Cohen and Becky & Laurence Herrup Backstage Makeup Bar
Winter & Gerstin Families Celebrity VIP Lounge
Kim & Todd Weicholz Staff Lounge
Marilyn & Jay Weinberg Illuminate Art II
Suzanne & Sam Pollack Guest House Patio
Joan and Leslie Berman Grand Passageway
Fayette Toren Guest House Bedroom