Group Homes

The JAFCO Group Home Program is a special place where children who are unable to live with their own family can live in a loving family-like setting.


The six JAFCO Group Homes are located at the beautiful JAFCO Children’s Village, a gated private residential community with six single family homes, a basketball court, a swimming pool, and a playground all surrounded by lush landscaping and beautiful bronze sculptures of children at play. Each home has six bedrooms and six and a half baths, giving each child their own private bedroom and bath for complete sense of privacy and dignity. Each house functions as a separate family unit and the children are encouraged to decorate the room in a way that makes them feel “at home”. The children are cared for by loving house parents who are in the home 24 hours a day and act as the parent for the child preparing meals, driving them to school and activities, arranging for doctor’s appointments and visits with friends and family, doing homework and going on outings to the movies, sporting events, the beach and out to dinner.


The children attend their home school (whenever possible) and we drive to 17 different schools every morning. After school tutors are available to help with homework every day to ensure that the children do their best in school with the hopes of attending college. The house parents cook dinner each night, followed by some chores, homework and time to relax with a game of football or basketball outside or a movie or computer time indoors. The children receive a weekly allowance based upon their age and also have their own private therapist to discuss issues that have occurred in their lives. Group therapy and independent living classes are also offered to the children as well as the ability to participate in activities in the community. Piano and guitar lessons are offered to the children who live at the Village in addition to other cultural arts experiences including theater and concerts. Older teens may work part time in local area businesses and will learn to drive as they reach their 18th birthday. College and vocational planning will start at age 13 to ensure that each child has every opportunity for a successful future.